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Which Cleats Are Best For Me?

Which Cleats Are Best For Me

I am a forward. Which cleats will help me improve my game the most?

While today’s technology certainly allows a pair of high-level cleats to help a little, the differences between two pairs of cleats is probably not going to be huge either way.

That being said, the most important factors when choosing a pair of cleats are that they fit you, you can play comfortably in them, and you get good traction. Beyond that, you’re better off spending the time that you would spend evaluating cleats on the practice field instead.

I’m thinking about switching cleats. Is the difference between a 10.8 ounce cleat and an 11.2 ounce cleat really that noticeable?

One ounce is the same as about 28 paper clips. You are talking about .4 ounces or about the weight of 11 paper clips. I’d be surprised if you even noticed a difference once you put them on.

Again, no matter what the commercials tell us, the amount you practice will make a much greater difference than the shoes you wear.

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