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A player prepares to kick the ball after beating the defender

The Best Way To Beat A Defender?

I’ve tried jukes and fakes, but they often fail against defenders. I would like to know the simple basic movements and fakes to get past an opponent in any position.

Best way to beat a defender in soccer

A forward attempts to get past a defender

Unfortunately, there is no one, simple answer to this question. There are no moves or plays that will always work any better than others Рotherwise everyone would do it.

Jukes and fakes will often not work at all on defenders because a good defender should be focused on the ball and not your fakes. Passing can also be an option, but even that is not always possible nor always the best choice.

That being said, there are a few options.

If they give you space – say by jockeying you down the line – take that space and try to create an opportunity for them to make a mistake or for you to pass. A lot of defenders will become impatient if you stay patient yourself. Many times, they will give up their positioning and try to poke the ball away (the younger you are, the more common this will be). Wait for that. If the defender overplays in any direction even for a moment, capitalize on that and use that opportunity to try to get past him.

If you want to be more aggressive, you can still use jukes and fakes. The key is to keep the offender off-balance – both mentally and physically. You want to use the moves you are strong at, but if you always use one or two moves, a good defender will be expecting those. Switch it up from time to time. Also, try to figure out the defenders’ weaknesses. If you know a defender isn’t good with their left, attack that side; if you know you are faster, use your speed; if you know you are stronger, use your strength.

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  1. Niiccee information….I would just prefer being more specific and telling us how to beat a defender by doing an easy specific move..and tell us how to do that.

    • Hi Sarah.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Unfortunately there is no one specific move that will do that. If that was the case, soccer would be easy (except for defenders).

      • i usually use the neymar rolling step over move and im from south africa so yeah

        • Hi Aphelele,

          That’s awesome.

          As I’m sure you know, even the best in the world don’t rely on simply one move. Be sure to work on other moves as well in case you need them.

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