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Lucas Moura plays wing or attacking midfielder
Lucas Moura plays wing or attacking midfielder

What Does A Right Midfielder Do?

My coach wants me to be the starting right-mid. Theres is just one catch: I don’t know what that is. What do I need to learn before my first game?

Your role really depends on the formation your coach uses and your team’s style of play.

Most often, you would likely be a wing, which would mean your job would be leading the attack up the sidelines but also assisting the fullbacks on defense near the lines. If so, you would need to be fast and good at crossing the ball.

Your coach might play a staggered midfield or a “diamond” which would probably mean you would have to be good at staying in your position, cover a lot of ground, and balanced with both offense and defense.

You might play a “flat” midfield where your job would probably be mostly defensive and one-touch passing to your forwards who would probably be making runs off the ball.

In general, mid-fielders do the most running of any position, so they must have the most endurance. They should also be good passers. From a general sense, I would work on those two things – your endurance and your passing – the most. After that, I would work on dribbling, defensive skills, shooting from distance, and speed.

As for other tips, I always remind my mid-fielders and defenders to watch the ball not the player when playing a 1 on 1.

Remember that if you have the ball and you have open field in front of you, keep calm and dribble (unless you play a “long ball” style soccer, then your coach will want you to quickly play the ball forward).

Mentally, just stay aggressive but controlled. You’ve already made the team, so don’t be afraid to ask the coach for help.

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  1. Although I’m still a fresh right midfielder (played years as a center/fullback, switched positions about a year ago), I agree with the points put out by Coach James.

    Personally, I think crossing should be emphasized. As already mentioned, it depends on the formation that you’re playing in. If your formation has 2 or less forwards, the wing midfielders are key to delivering a ball to forwards inside the opponent’s 18-yard.

    In other words, when a right midfielder is in the attacking third of the field, their responsibility is usually to feed the forwards by crossing the ball or passing to a central midfielder if positioned too deep for a good cross.

    In the modern game, however, there are numerous ways of playing as a right midfielder. Examples in professional football are Beckham (LA Galaxy) and Nani (Manchester United). Beckham doesn’t run much and doesn’t do much in the opponent’s 18-yards, but can deliver to just about anywhere on the field – more of a passer if you will. In contrast, a player such as Nani is often known to run deep into the opponent’s flank and often cuts into their 18-yard box as well.

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