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What Do I Need To Be A Guest Player?

What Do I Need To Be A Guest Player

I want to be a guest player on another team for an upcoming tournament. The coach said it would be ok. What do I have to do to be a guest player? What does the coach have to include on the roster? Will I need to wear another player’s uniform?

Most of the “work” involved will happen during registration.

Typically, you will have to meet all the qualifying criteria (age, gender, etc) that the “normal” players on the team have to meet. Then the tournament may have specific guidelines that teams have to meet for their “guest players”. This usually includes a limit on the number of guest players and often includes limits on playing experience.

In all likelihood, the coach will need to provide you with your own uniform, not one of the other player’s. The only exception would be if you were taking the place of a player who is not attending the tournament. Then the coach could assign you his number and uniform on a temporary basis.

Unless the coach has specifically asked you to help him put this information together, I wouldn’t stress on it. Most of this work is the coach, parent, or team administrator’s responsibility. Your focus should be your play.

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  1. Guest Playing is a great experience for the youth player. Learning how to play soccer at the tournament level with players you have never played with is exactly what our professional and US National teams do on a weekly basis.

    Check out… for more information.

  2. A number of years ago, I played as a guest player for my local community league U-16 club (I was 14-15 at the time).

    I think Coach James has hit the main points – at an amateur level, the most important part is getting the registration set in.

    In terms of playing, the most important part of being a guest player is to read your teammates – how they run with and without the ball, how they communicate with each other, etc. – which is a fundamental of football (guest player or not). Of course, because guest players usually attend a single game, they won’t need to work on building chemistry with the other players.

    Personally, when I played as a right fullback that one time, I found it easiest to carry out my role as I was taught: clear the ball down the right flank, don’t make attacking runs, and mark the opponent’s left wing tightly (very basic aspects of fullbacks).

    • Thanks again, Tim.

      Excellent point on communicating and reading your teammates as a guest player. After-all, as you elude to, a guest player likely will not have the chemistry with the rest of the team that comes from playing together over a long period of time.

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