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What Are My Odds of Making The Team?

What Are My Odds of Making The Team?

OK help! There are 56 people trying out for my high school team. I really want to make the Varsity team.

Today the coaches split the group of 56 into Varsity and JV. There are 30 JV players and 26 Varsity players for now, but they are still going to make cuts and narrow the Varsity team down to 16 players.

I’m a Freshman, but I currently play for a Select club team. I am a lot better than some of the Seniors that were on Varsity last year, but they are sure to make the team because they are returners.

My club team’s coach says I should make Varsity for sure, but I have been having a bad tryout. I have 3 more days of tryouts. I really want to make it.

Oh, I play center-mid and forward, and I am a lefty.


What Are My Odds of Making The Team?56 people!?!? Wow, that is a lot of players!

You might be a great player, but as a coach myself, I would say based on the number of people trying out, there’s a good chance you might end up on JV, if for no other reason than you are a Freshman.

While a returning player might have an advantage in making the team, it certainly does not mean they are “automatic” picks.

Yes, returning players usually do get some priority, but if a returner is not performing like they should or they flat out get out-played for a spot, as a coach, I’m going to give it to the player who busts her butt before I give it to someone because they were there last year. Most coaches I’ve spoken to feel this way as well.

Also, there are other things to consider. For example, since you’re a lefty, how are your corner kicks? It’s a nice luxury for a coach to be able to have a lefty take corner kicks from one side and a righty from the other. That could work in your favor.

Another thing to keep in mind is the balance of positions. You said you are a center-mid and a forward. Is the Varsity team strong or weak in those positions? How about the JV team? Unfortunately, sometimes a better player might end up on JV because the JV team needs someone at that position more.

Other factors include your attitude and your relationship with the coaches.

The fact that you say you are so determined to make the team is definitely a good thing. Carry that same attitude onto the field and let it show during tryouts and practices.

Update: Ellie informs us that she, indeed, made the Varsity team.

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