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Transition Practice

Transition Game Practice

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This practice game helps teams train their attacking, defending, heading, passing, and transition skills.

Set-up and Play
  • Begin with players at each spot: a, b, and c (as in frame 1)
    • a is the server
    • b is the attacker
    • c is the defender
  • Using his hands, a serves a ball to c who heads it to b (frame 1)
    • The server then moves to the back of group b
  • Player b immediately dribbles toward the goal line setting-up for a cross; c defends the cross
    • Optionally have a 4th player that can serve as the intended receiver of the cross
  • Player b simulates a cross
    • The “cross” should end with player c in possession of the ball
  • Player c defends the cross and immediately looks to transition into the attack by passing the ball to the next player at spot a (frame 3)
  • Player c immediately sprints to the back of spot a ; player b sprints to spot c and prepares to act as the defender (c) (frame 4)
  • Repeat with current group of players
Coaching Point
  • Upon gaining possession of the ball, player c should immediately look to find passing options (in this case, group a), distribute the ball, and get into position to assist the attack.
  • For added difficulty, change the starting point for each new person at group a so that c had to find the “open player” before passing.
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