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The T-drill PLUS

Endurance, agility, and speed are key factors in soccer.

The T-Drill is an exercise that develops all three. I also like to incorporate a little PLUS to help it develop soccer skills as well.

Set up 4 cones as pictured above.

  1. Start at the base of the T.
  2. Sprint forward to the middle cone, touching it with your hand.
  3. Shuffle to the cone on the right, touching it with your hand upon reaching it.
  4. Shuffle left to the cone on the other side of the T, touching that as well.
  5. Shuffle right again to the middle cone.
  6. Immediately backpedal to the cone at the base of the T and touch that.
  • I like to have players start by performing a side jump left and right over the first cone before sprinting for added conditioning.
  • As an easier alternative, rather than backpedaling after shuffling, have the player turn and sprint as in the video below.
  • Add an element of technical skill into this activity by serving players a ball that they must immediately locate and clear as they reach the final cone.
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