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The Gauntlet Game

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet practice game
The Gauntlet is a game that trains endurance, dribbling, shielding, defensive skills, and 1v1 skills.

  • Set-up a playing area as shown. Each grid should be about 10 feet long and 15 feet wide.
  • There should be one defender in each section of the grid.
  • Remaining players should line up at the bottom of the grid.
  • On the coaches command, the first player should attempt to dribble through each section and attempt to reach the end.
  • Defensive players should attempt to send the dribbler’s ball out of bounds. A dribbler whose ball is sent out of bounds is eliminated and must return to the beginning.
  • Defensive players may move laterally, but must remain on the back line of their section until the dribbler enters their section. They may move freely within their area once the dribbler enters it.
  • This is a very fast paced game. The next person in line should attack the moment the dribbler in front of him has been eliminated or made it into the next section.
  • After several players have attempted or one person has cleared “the gauntlet”, rotate defenders and continue.
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