Thursday, February 25, 2021
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The Everything Kids Soccer Book

The Everything Kids Soccer Book

The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book gives kids an overview of the game, the rules, its history, and also begins to teach some of the fundamentals necessary to play, all-the-while keeping it fun for kids by using writing that is easy for kids to understand, and including things like mazes, puzzles, and riddles.

While this book is intended for younger players, it is also very useful for coaches and parents of young children as well, since it covers the basics that the players will need to learn, and it helps coaches and parents to understand the mindset of their players. It is also a very useful coaching resource when trying to explain various aspects of the game in a simple way children can understand.

I highly recommend this book for players up to about 9 years old and their parents and coaches as well. Truth be told, I even went back and reviewed this book to help me coach my U12 team.

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  1. Yes. My soccer parents need more books like this. Soccer parents need to realize to let go a little. I know it it tough, but this is what you are paying the coaches to do. I think if parents spent just an our a week talking about rules of the game or educating themselves and their children with a book like this; than parents would not have to go nuts on the field or after games. “Parents just don’t understand.” LOL



    • Hi Pat.

      Thank you for the comment.

      I believe that in general sports parents – even the good ones – can always benefit from being more educated about their kids’ sports.

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