Friday, April 16, 2021
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How To Keep Players Focused: The Zone of Commitment

The soccer field should be a zone of commitment

One of the qualities that superior athletes have is commitment. However, one challenge that coaches sometimes face is getting that same level of commitment from all of their players – particularly at practices. This is where a zone of commitment can help you.

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End of the Year Party Ideas

End of the Year Soccer Party Ideas

I coach 9 year old girls. What can I do with my team to celebrate a good year? Any ideas?

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Is Our Team Captain Going Too Far?

How To Talk With Your Team Captain

After a recent loss, our captain was upset with the team and telling us that we shouldn’t have been laughing or joking before the game. He also told us that if we’re supposed to be there 45 minutes early, we should try to get there an hour early.

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