Friday, February 26, 2021
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How Goalkeepers Should Be Punting

A Goalkeeper Punts The Ball

Here is a good video with some good tips on how goal keepers should perform punts.

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Practicing on Your Own: Wall Ball Part 1

All you need to practice soccer is your feet, a ball, and a wall

Simply put, wall ball is practicing your soccer skills using a wall to stop the ball and to return the ball to you.

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How Can I Put Top Spin on a Kick?

Cristiano Ronaldo uses top spin on a free kick

I would like to know how to put on top-spin or no spin at all on the ball, so I can make the ball dip when I take free kicks.

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Learn Gareth Bale’s Knuckleball Free Kick

Gareth Bale Prepares To Take A Free Kick

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How Can I Improve On My Own?

All it takes to get better on your own is a foot, a ball, and determination

I played my first soccer season this year, and I am in the 9th grade. I want to do better.

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Learn How Kicks Spin With This Fun Game

It’s not every day that there is legitimate soccer value in a simple, addicting game, but “Super World Cup Free-Kicks” from Owensworld is one such a game, since it helps players understand the physics of kicking and “spin” on the ball.

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Fish In A Barrel

Fish In A Barrel Practice Game

Fish in a Barrel is a practice game that helps players improve their passing and kicking skills.

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More Ways To Train On My Own?

More Ways To Train on Your Own

I live in Canada, and soccer is not exactly the most popular sport here. As a result, when I’m away from my team, I don’t really have anyone to practice with. What are the best ways to practice on my own?

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How Do I Make A Straight Kick?

How Do I Make A Straight Kick?

I’m new to soccer, but I found I am a real natural. I got good at dribbling, tactics, long passes, and short passes. I seem to be able to do fast curve balls that normally hit the target, but I cant seem to get Gerrard style power shots.

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Dots (Intermediate)

Dots Game (Intermediate)

This game trains awareness, foot-eye coordination, and kicking. Once players have mastered the beginner “Dots” game, you can begin this progression. Remember it’s also useful for players to revisit these fundamentals even after they’ve gained experience with the skills.

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