Thursday, January 28, 2021
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How The US Men’s National Team Trains Goalkeepers

US Goalkeeper, Tim Howard

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team, for all its weaknesses, continually turns out great goalkeepers. Check out some of their training techniques in this video.

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How Goalkeepers Should Be Punting

A Goalkeeper Punts The Ball

Here is a good video with some good tips on how goal keepers should perform punts.

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Keeper Toss and Save – Practice Game

The Keeper Toss and Save game helps goalkeepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot

The Keeper Toss and Save is a practice game and warm-up that will help goal keepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot.

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Learn From The Pros – Again

A large group of people taking notes during the US Men's National Team training session in Los Angeles

Take a look at the video above from US Soccer.

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One Minute Drill for Goal Keepers

The One Minute Drill is an activity that helps goal keepers improve their reaction speed, conditioning, and general ball catching skills.

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Goal Keeper Scramble

Goal Keeper Scramble

Goal Keeper Scramble is a fun game that helps goal keepers conditioning and helps them train their reaction to balls, aggressiveness, covering of balls.

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The Importance of Confidence (Even Cockiness) In Goal Keepers

The Importance Of Confidence Even Cockiness At Goal Keeper

The goal keeper position often involves long bouts of inactivity followed by short, urgent bursts of peak performance. What’s more, goal keepers are more often judged on their failures than their successes. That is one of the many reasons why confidence is very important at the goal keeper position.

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Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing Foosball (table soccer) will help improve hand-eye coordination

Here is a tip that will help your goal keepers:

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Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game

A youth goalie rushes out to make a challenge

One the the problems often encountered when playing small-sided games in practice (particular when using a small-sized goal) is the tendency for one or more players to stay back and “guard” the goal.

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3-Sided Goal Game

A goalie kicks a ball in a fast-paced game

The 3-sided Goal Game trains passing, spacing, movement off the ball, shooting for corners, attacking skills, defending skills, aggressiveness, conditioning, and it is also great practice for goal keepers.

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