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How To Make Practicing Volleys Fun – Practice Game

US striker Abby Wambach attempts a shot on the volley.

Here’s a great practice game I found while browsing YouTube. It’s great for helping players practice their volleying skills.

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5+ Essential Resources For Every New Coach

Soccer resources

Often times, especially in recreational leagues or semi-competitive leagues, people are thrust into coaching not because of desire nor ability, but out of necessity.

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Soccer Player’s Creed

Soccer Player's Creed

The “Soccer Player’s Creed” is a great foundation for setting expectations and rules for a team.

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3 Challenges Of Coaching Young Children And How To Solve Them

3 Challenges Of Coaching Young Children And How To Solve Them

Each level of coaching brings its own set of challenges that are different from other levels. Coaching young children (U8 and younger) is no exception.

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7 Questions Every Preseason Meeting Must Answer

Jurgen Klinsmann takes time to answer questions

Coaches should always have a preseason meeting with players, assistants, and parents present. A team’s preseason meeting is important for all involved.

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The 4 Phases of Player Development

Children in the 1st stage of soccer development

The articles in the Phases of Player Development series are from a report by the staff of the U.S.Women’s National Team.

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Are Bad Parents Driving Good Coaches Away?

A bad sports parent gets in the face of a referee

As a coach, I have personally seen situations where ¬†parents are undermining and down right hostile toward good coaches. This is not to say this is always the case, and indeed, I’ve seen situations where parents are too supportive of bad coaches. Has the problem of bad parents driving good coaches away become an epidemic?

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Is Your Players’ Motivation Level: Convenient, Compliant, Conditional or Full Commitment?

What is your level of soccer dedication?

Commitment is usually one of the things that successful teams attribute to their success. Lack of commitment is usually one of the things identified in teams that fail.

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How To Keep Players Focused: The Zone of Commitment

The soccer field should be a zone of commitment

One of the qualities that superior athletes have is commitment. However, one challenge that coaches sometimes face is getting that same level of commitment from all of their players – particularly at practices. This is where a zone of commitment can help you.

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How To Get Your Players To Arrive On Time

Spain's National Team arrives before a game

The most common ways of dealing with late players are: Make them run laps or do extra conditioning In more extreme cases, cut their playing time

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