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The 4 Phases of Player Development – “The Romance”

U12 - The Romance Stage

FOUNDATION PHASE: THE ROMANCE (U-12) Development of individual skills — individual and small group tactics: The effect of the role model is very important at this stage of development.

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What Does A Right Midfielder Do?

Lucas Moura plays wing or attacking midfielder

My coach wants me to be the starting right-mid. Theres is just one catch: I don’t know what that is. What do I need to learn before my first game?

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What Are The Requirements To Make My High School Team

What Are The Requirements To Make My High School Team?

What requirements are there to make my high school’s varsity team? I would like to know specifics like how many juggles I need to be able to do, how far I need to run, and how fast as well.

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How Can I Practice Inside My House?

How Can I Practice Soccer Inside My House?

What are some thing I can do inside my house to improve my balance, speed, and skill?

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Basic Shielding

Basic Shielding

Here is a good exercise to help players practice shielding once you’ve taught them the basic technique.

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The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet Game

The Gauntlet is a game that trains endurance, dribbling, shielding, defensive skills, and 1v1 skills.

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10/10s, 20/20s

Improve player speed with 10/10s and 20/20s

Here is an easy to coach exercise that you can use to help players improve their endurance. It can be performed in virtually any space with virtually any number of players.

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Snatch is a practice game that trains: passing, receiving, dribbling, shielding, aggressiveness, decision making, and communication.

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Around the World

Around the World is a game that helps your players train dribbling and ball control skills as well as their mental awareness.

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The Best Way To Beat A Defender?

A player prepares to kick the ball after beating the defender

I’ve tried jukes and fakes, but they often fail against defenders. I would like to know the simple basic movements and fakes to get past an opponent in any position. Unfortunately, there is no one, simple answer to this question. There are no moves or plays that will always work any better than others – otherwise everyone would do it. Jukes …

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