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Abby Wambach performs a single leg balance reach
Image courtesy of US WNT Blog

Single Leg Balance Reaches

Balance reaches are a common exercise for basketball players and even golfers. They can also be useful for soccer players, as they help develop the leg strength and jumping ability that can be crucial during physical play or for winning flighted balls.

  1. Set-up 3 cones in a triangle about 2-3 feet apart (for an average-sized adult).
  2. Stand next to one cone and balance on either leg.
  3. While keeping your balance, bend at the waist and reach down and touch one cone.
  4. Return to standing position on one leg.
  5. Bend at waist reaching for the opposite cone as step 3
  6. Repeat for several reps
  7. Switch balance legs and repeat.

Begin empty-handed. For a more advanced progression, use a medicine ball as pictured in the video or weights as in the picture.

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