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A youth goalie rushes out to make a challenge

Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game

One the the problems often encountered when playing small-sided games in practice (particular when using a small-sized goal) is the tendency for one or more players to stay back and “guard” the goal.

“Rotating Goalie” is a game that helps to alleviate that problem, while still making use of the advantages that small-sided games provide.

Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game - Frame 1

Frame 1

Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game - Frame 2

Frame 2

Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game Key


  • Game may be played with any number of players per team.
  • Use an area large enough to accommodate both teams
    (approximately 30-35 yards x 20-25 yards for 2 teams of 4 players).
  • Game is played as a normal game with no offside.
  • Balls out of play may be dribbled in or passed in
    (alternately, the coach may allow throw-ins or may wish to send in a new ball himself).
  • For each team, the player closest to the goal may play as goalie
    (Frame 1: Black 1 and Red 1 are goalies; Frame 2: Black 1 and Red 2 are goalies).
  • Goalies handling the ball must immediately throw the ball into play or put the ball down and dribble.
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