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Practicing on Your Own: Wall Ball 2
Wall Ball is one of the best ways to practice your soccer skills

Practicing on Your Own: Wall Ball 2

If you read Wall Ball Part 1 you know that playing against a wall is one of the best ways for soccer players to practice on your own.

Now, here is a great program for players of all skill levels:

  • Standing 8 to 10 feet away from the wall, do quick, controlled one touch passes against the wall.
    • Focus on quality balls on the ground with good pace
    • Alternate right and left feet
    • Progress by doing two lefts to one right and vice-versa
  • Standing about 10 feet away, hold the ball in your hands and toss it toward the top of the wall. As the ball comes down settle it with the top of your foot in one touch and pass it against the wall then pick it up and repeat.
    • Alternate right and left feet
  • Repeat the exercise above one-touch volleying the ball rather than settling it.
  • Starting 5-8 feet away, toss or kick the ball against the wall, receive it with your thigh or chest, and juggle with the ball for several touches. Keep the ball in the air and pass it off the wall again.
    • Try to keep the ball alive as long as you can
Increase pace and kick power as skill increases.

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