Monday, March 1, 2021
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One Minute Drill for Goal Keepers

The One Minute Drill is an activity that helps goal keepers improve their reaction speed, conditioning, and general ball catching skills.

  • Goal Keeper
  • Server
  • Ball
  • Watch
  • Goal keeper starts sitting on ground with legs spread open
  • Server starts directly in front of the player on the ground
  1. Server bounces the ball between the goal keeper’s legs as high as possible.
  2. Goal keeper jumps up to retrieve the ball, returns it to the server, and immediately sits back on the ground.
  3. Count the number of repetitions goal keeper can do in 1 minute.
  • If possible, use two goal keepers and have them alternate a minute at a time.
  • This can also be done alone by having the goal keeper bounce the ball to himself.
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