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More Ways To Train on Your Own
A University of Georgia player practices her shooting

More Ways To Train On My Own?

I live in Canada, and soccer is not exactly the most popular sport here. As a result, when I’m away from my team, I don’t really have anyone to practice with.

What are the best ways to practice on my own?

I would be forever grateful if you can help me.

This is one of a handful of questions I get asked quite frequently, and as a coach, I think it’s fantastic when a player wants to get better on his own.

First, read this post with some earlier advice I offered on improving on your own. In addition to that advice, two of the best things you can do to practice alone are:

  • Play wall ball.
    • Find a suitable outdoor wall. Ideally you want one without windows and where there will be no one inside getting annoyed by your kicks hitting the wall. Garage doors are good as are those free-standing handball walls that are often found in school. Kick the ball against a wall. This will help you practice your kicking and also your controlling since it will bounce off the wall back to you.
    • Read this post and this post for more information on a good wall ball training program you can use.
  • Juggle.
    • This will help you improve your flighted ball, ball control, and receiving skills.
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