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Learn From The Pros – Again

Take a look at the video above from US Soccer.

What do you see?

As a coach, here’s what I see:

The first thing I notice is the format of the game. They’re playing a small-sided game, blue against red with the yellow player attacking for both sides. They’re playing in an area from one goal line to the mid-line and about 2/3 of the width of the field.

So how can you use this as a player?

After the format of the game, the very next thing I noticed was the communication.

I cannot begin to tell you how many teams I encounter that simply do not talk to each other during play – that is, unless they are frustrated and yelling at one another. Yet as you can see here, the highest-level players communicate on nearly every touch.

Beyond that, there is lots of other useful information players can take from this video.

Some of the many other things I noticed that players could potentially learn or improve from watching this video:

  • The direction of each player’s first touch
  • Effective use of dribbling moves
    • When they use them vs. when they pass
    • How the “sell” the moves
  • How and where the goalkeeper distributes balls
  • The intensity of practice

What does this mean?

When you watch highly-skilled players – whether on a video like this, on TV, or at a game – enjoy what you’re watching, but also try to watch with an eye for what you can learn to make yourself a better player or coach.

Did you do that the first time you watched? Go back and watch the clip again and comment below on what you picked-up.

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