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Learn by watching
You can improve your game by watching others play

How You Can Learn By Watching The Pros

A great way to learn to be a better player is to watch professionals and other more experienced players. 

Ideally you can do this by heading out to the stadium if there is a team in your area, but it can also be done while watching on T.V., watching the local high school, college, or club team, or even just watching an older age division in your own league.

Here are some tips from iSoccer that you can use to learn from watching:

  • Pick a player: Choose a player you really like, or who plays your position, and focus on what they are doing throughout the game. What do they do well? What do they do without the ball?
  • Pick a skill: Focus on one area of the game like one touch passing or how their bodies are shaped when they receive the ball. How does one team organize themselves at the back, or the other team pressure in the midfield?
  • Off the ball: Instead of following the ball the whole game, spend some time watching what players are doing off the ball. How are they supporting their teammates, making runs, or tracking back?
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