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How Do I Overcome Nervousness?

How Do I Overcome Nervousness?

I’ve learned dribbling, passing, kicking etc. I play fine in practice, but when I am on the field where people are watching, I forget what to do with the ball. Please help me!

The best advice I can give you is to imagine that there are no people there watching. Don’t look up into the stands. If you do, pretend you don’t see people there. In your mind, it should be just you, the ball, the field, and the players.

The best players don’t even realize the fans are there. They mentally lock out everything but the game. If you are losing concentration and confidence because there are people around, it means your focus is on the people, and not the game.

Even if that fails though, remember you’ve learned the techniques. The skills are exactly the same when someone is watching as they are when no one is watching.

Also, talk to your coach. Explain to him what you’re feeling. Ask him if he will let you demonstrate a skill you are good at to the team during practice. This will help him, and it will also get you more used to performing your soccer skills in front of people.

Finally, you should check out our section on mental skills there are some tips to help you clear your mind and build confidence.

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