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How Do I Make A Straight Kick?
David Beckham takes a corner kick that will probably not be straight

How Do I Make A Straight Kick?

I’m new to soccer, but I found I am a real natural. I got good at dribbling, tactics, long passes, and short passes.

I seem to be able to do fast curve balls that normally hit the target, but I cant seem to get Gerrard style power shots. Is it because I practice curve balls way more, or am I doing something wrong?

Long story short, for curved shots, you strike the ball with your foot at an angle and slightly off center to the side. For a straight shot, your foot should come straight at the ball and you should strike the ball dead center.

You can also learn more about kick angles by playing this game. Can you make 3 in a row? Give it a try, then take a look at my game/kicking tips below.

  • Step 1 is the direction your body will face. This will determine the general direction the ball will go.
  • The red dot in step 2 is the place your foot will make contact with the ball when you kick
Notice when you…
  • Kick high on the ball, the ball stays low
  • Kick low on the ball, the ball goes high
  • Kick on the left of the ball and the ball curves to the right
  • Kick on the right of the ball and the ball curves to the left
  • Kick on the center of the ball and the ball goes straight
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