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Learn To Juggle A Soccer Ball
A youth player juggles a soccer ball off his thigh

Learn To Juggle A Soccer Ball

I’ve been playing for about 6 years, and I still can’t juggle. Now I’m on a high school team, and I NEED to know how to juggle! Any suggestions ?

Start by juggling with your thigh. Let the ball hit off your thigh once, gently tap it up with your thigh, and catch it with your hands, then do it again. Once you have that down (should be fairly easy), try letting it hit your thigh twice between catches. Then progress to three times. Once you can do that, try going twice off your thigh then making the third one bounce off your foot.

If you want to begin juggling multiple times with your feet, begin by letting the ball bounce off the ground once in between juggles (foot, bounce off ground, foot, bounce, etc). Once you are confident with that, try tapping the ball twice with your feet between each bounce on the ground. Then try 3 times, etc.

The key in juggling is to tap the ball to yourself. You want to keep the ball in control. You are not kicking it and the ball is not controlling you.

Also, as with all soccer skills, remember to practice your juggling with both legs.

Once you’ve mastered juggling with your feet and thighs, start incorporating other parts of your body like your chest and head.

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