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3 Best Home Exercises You Can Do To Improve Your Speed

What are some exercises I can do at home to help improve my speed?

There are a lot of things you can do at home to improve your speed, but I recommend working on your running form because it can be done very quietly and in a small amount of space.

Here are a three exercises you can do:

1. Standing Arm Swings (see video above)
  • Stand upright with feet together.
  • Move arms forward and back in a running motion.
    • Elbows should be bent so lower arm and upper arm meet at about a 90 degree angle.
    • Hands should be relaxed.


  • Important: arms should move in a straight forward and straight back motion, not across the body.
  • Begin slowly; concentrate on good form.
  • Progress by holding ankle weights or other small weights in your hands.


2. Wall Drills
3. Butt Kickers

  • Do these slowly while standing still

If speed training is not your thing and you still want to train at home, read more of Discover Soccer (clicking the shuffle button near the top right of the menu bar will take you to a random post). If you have a suitable wall, play wall ball, or take some time to learn by watching your favorite team on TV.

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