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Healthy Thanksgiving Eating

How You Can Eat Healthy During Thanksgiving

Planning your Thanksgiving menu?

Here are some tips from Athletic Muscle Building on staying healthy during the feast.


Benefits: Packed with protein and low in fat (even less than chicken). High in the amino acid tryptophan, which naturally increases your levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin and relaxes your body.
Avoid: The skin, which is filled with fat and calories, and is high in toxins.

Sweet potatoes
Benefits: Much healthier than white potatoes, sweet potatoes are a dense source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and beta carotene.  Gives you sustained energy without causing a blood sugar spike.
Avoid: Adding calories with toppings like marshmallows or too much butter.  Try adding cinnamon or a low-calorie butter spray instead.

Pumpkin pie
Benefits: Pumpkin is high in fiber and rich in carotenoids, which may slow the aging process. Topping with cinnamon adds an additional antioxidant punch and helps to control your blood sugar levels.
Avoid: Overindulging or adding whipped cream or ice cream.

Benefits: High in polyphenols and indoles, which may help to optimize hormone levels and prevent cancer.  A good source of selenium, vitamin C, and soluble fiber.
Avoid: Overcooking as this will destroy many of the beneficial nutrients.  Also make sure to avoid topping with large amounts of butter.  Try extra-virgin olive oil with sea salt and pepper instead.

Red wine
Benefits: Good source of resveratrol, which has many potential benefits, including life extension.  The alcohol content is beneficial as well, as studies suggest that 2 alcoholic beverages per day contribute to a healthier and longer life.
Avoid: Overdoing it. More than two glasses and you are likely hurting your body more than you are helping.

Benefits: Rich source of antioxidants, especially anthocyanidins which may prevent cancer.
Avoid: Candied variations which contain excess sugar.

Youth athletes might want to avoid the red wine.

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