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Kid Heading a Soccer Ball

Head / Hands – Practice Game

Head / Hands is a game that the kids love that trains heading and awareness. 

  • Line players up side by side or in a circle leaving a couple feet of space between each one.
  • Coach tosses the ball in the air to the first player and calls out either “head” or “hands”.
  • The player should use the opposite of whatever the coach calls – so if the coach calls “hands” the player should head the ball back to the coach; if the coach calls “head”, the player should quickly catch the ball and toss it back to the coach.
  • If the player performs the play correctly, he stays in; if not, he is eliminated.
  • Repeat down the line or around the circle until only one player is left.
  • Be sure to have players that have been eliminated perform an exercise or skill so they are not standing idle.
  • Add “feet”, “chest”, etc. –  only when any of these are called the player actually performs that action. For example, if the coach calls “head”, the player catches the ball and tosses it back, but if the coach calls “feet”, the player actually knocks the ball down with his foot.
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