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Follow Your Shot Practice Game
A player from a Guamanian team follows her shot on goal

Follow Your Shot

Follow Your Shot

The Follow Your Shot game is a fun shooting game that also helps players remember to follow their shots to capitalize on rebounds.

  • Use one goal and penalty area.
    • With younger children or if you are particularly worried about injuries, cones may be used for the goal.
  • Server stands with ball pile on goal line several feet to the side of the goal.
  • Shooters line up several feet beyond penalty mark.
  • Use of a goal keeper is optional depending on skill level.
  • Server crisply passes ball to shooter near penalty mark.
  • Shooter runs to ball and takes a one time shot on goal.
  • Upon shooting, player must immediately sprint past the goal line.
    • Players should run through the actual goal area if cones are used as a goal.
  • Award 1 point for a successful shot on goal and 1 point if the shooter crosses the goal line within 2 seconds of their shot.
    • Players should make every attempt to follow shots, therefore the time should not start until the ball has either scored, gone out of play, or been definitively saved by the goal keeper.
  • Player with the most points after several attempts wins.
  • Increase/decrease distance for initial shot.
  • Use/eliminate goal keeper
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