Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Fish In A Barrel Practice Game

Fish In A Barrel

Fish in a Barrel is a practice game that helps players improve their passing and kicking skills.

  • Divide players into at least 2 teams
  • Place several cones in the center circle or other large circle
  • Players continuously kick the ball through the circle and attempt to score by knocking over the cones inside the circle
  • Whichever player takes control of the ball once it has passed through the circle plays the next shot.
  • Play until all cones are knocked down
  • Players cannot enter the circle
  • If the ball comes to rest inside the circle allow one player to retrieve the ball and continue
  • The team that knocks down the most cones wins
  • Have teams play defense against each other (both teams must still remain outside the circle)
  • Add or remove “target: cones
  • Specify how players must pass/shoot
    • Left foot only, push pass only, etc.
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