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End of the Year Soccer Party Ideas

End of the Year Party Ideas

I coach 9 year old girls. What can I do with my team to celebrate a good year? Any ideas?

Here are a few ideas that might work for you:

  • Take them to pizza.
    • If you have a Chuck E Cheese’s or something like that in your area, that’s even better because they’ll have fun beyond the food.
  • If you live near a MLS team in your area, think about taking your team to a game. If those are not available near you, look into a USL game.
    • This is great fun for the kids and the parents alike, and also gives the kids a chance to learn by watching the professionals (try not to “coach” while you’re there, let them learn on their own – remember, this is supposed to be a fun experience)
    • Most (if not all) of those teams offer group discounts. The only drawback is that even with the discount, these games can sometimes be expensive and usually require a good deal of planning.
    • We once took our club team to a Galaxy game, and it even included a “high five line“. The kids got to high five David Beckham and Landon Donovan, so they loved it – and the moms were all jealous!
  • Take them to play laser tag. We have an indoor arena near us, and it is always a favorite with the kids.
  • Have a BBQ at a local park.
  • Schedule a parents vs. kids match.
  • Have a swim party at someone’s house.
  • Have a team sleepover.
    • Make sure you have enough space – ask other parents if your house will not suffice
    • Make sure other parents are able to stay the night as well to help chaperon.
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