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Dots Game (Intermediate)

Dots (Intermediate)

This game trains awareness, foot-eye coordination, and kicking.

Once players have mastered the beginner “Dots” game, you can begin this progression. Remember it’s also useful for players to revisit these fundamentals even after they’ve gained experience with the skills.

  • Mark several balls with colored dots just as the beginning progression.
  • If necessary, again mark the proper part of the foot to kick with.
  • 2 “Pugg”-type mini goals are spaced about 5 yards apart both facing player who stands about 6-8 yards away.
  • Coach stands between goals with a pile of “dotted” balls.
  • Coach serves a ball from the pile and calls out either right or left.
  • Player runs to meet the ball and kicks the ball into either the right or left goal as called by coach.
  • While kicking, the player should simultaneously call the color marked on the ball.
  • Have coach call a part of the foot (“laces”, “inside” of foot, etc.) along with left or right. Player should kick with the part of the foot that is called.
  • Increase difficulty by using more “dot” colors.
  • Decrease difficulty by using fewer “dot” colors.
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