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Dots Practice Game

Dots (Beginner)

Dots is a practice game that trains foot-eye coordination and kicking skills.

This beginner progression is great for new players, but can also be useful for experienced players looking to practice their form.

  • Mark balls with a large colored dot on each “side” of the ball.
    • There should be at least 2 different colors.
    • Use adhesive colored felt if you do not want your balls permanently marked.
  • For beginning players, coach should indicate the proper part of the foot to kick the ball with by marking the instep of the players’ feet
    • Again, adhesive felt may be used to mark this area
  • Server spins the ball in place in front of the player. When the ball stops spinning, the player should call out the color that is directly in front of them and kick the ball.
    • It is important that the player call the color and immediately kick the ball as soon as the ball stops spinning.
  • Repeat several times using both feet.
  • Make it fun by giving players a point each for calling out the correct color and kicking with the proper part of their foot in a timely manner.
Click here for the Intermediate Progression

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