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Conditioning in 60 Minutes or Less

I want to improve my speed and stamina for soccer. What are some good exercises I can do that will be effective in 60 minutes or less?

Try these for starters, but remember, you’ll probably get bored if you do the same thing every day, so use these, but change it up from time to time also.

  • Run 1 mile (probably 4 laps around the track at your school) as fast as you can. Rest 1 minute, then run 1/2 a mile as fast as you can. Rest 1 more minute then run 1/4 mile as fast as you can.
  • Sprint 50 yards at full speed, then backpeddle 50 yards as fast as you can.
  • Walk 20 yards, then sprint 20 yards from your walking start.
Be sure to work on your agility too. Start with t-runs, and add things like shuffling side-to-side, back-peddling, cutting, and turning.

Finally, remember, the best way to improve your soccer skills is to practice with a ball. If you can, from time to time, do some or all of these things while dribbling a soccer ball or find a partner and practice with him.

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