Monday, March 1, 2021
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Shooting and Kicking

How Goalkeepers Should Be Punting

A Goalkeeper Punts The Ball

Here is a good video with some good tips on how goal keepers should perform punts.

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Flying Changes – Practice Game

Flying Changes Practice Game

Flying Changes is a fast pace practice game that helps players train their many aspects including dribbling, shooting, attacking, defending, and endurance as well.

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Learn By Watching 8 Of The Top Free Kick Takers In The World

Top Free Kick Takers

Taking free kicks on goal is a skill that players should be able to do. However, kicking a dead ball which is usually 20+ yards away from the goal, with a wall to block you and a goalkeeper anticipating your kick, isn’t the easiest task.

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Practicing on Your Own: Wall Ball Part 1

All you need to practice soccer is your feet, a ball, and a wall

Simply put, wall ball is practicing your soccer skills using a wall to stop the ball and to return the ball to you.

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How Can I Put Top Spin on a Kick?

Cristiano Ronaldo uses top spin on a free kick

I would like to know how to put on top-spin or no spin at all on the ball, so I can make the ball dip when I take free kicks.

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Learn Gareth Bale’s Knuckleball Free Kick

Gareth Bale Prepares To Take A Free Kick

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How Can I Improve On My Own?

All it takes to get better on your own is a foot, a ball, and determination

I played my first soccer season this year, and I am in the 9th grade. I want to do better.

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Learn How Kicks Spin With This Fun Game

It’s not every day that there is legitimate soccer value in a simple, addicting game, but “Super World Cup Free-Kicks” from Owensworld is one such a game, since it helps players understand the physics of kicking and “spin” on the ball.

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Fish In A Barrel

Fish In A Barrel Practice Game

Fish in a Barrel is a practice game that helps players improve their passing and kicking skills.

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Follow Your Shot

Follow Your Shot Practice Game

The Follow Your Shot game is a fun shooting game that also helps players remember to follow their shots to capitalize on rebounds.

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