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Technical Skills

Keeper Toss and Save – Practice Game

The Keeper Toss and Save game helps goalkeepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot

The Keeper Toss and Save is a practice game and warm-up that will help goal keepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot.

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Head / Hands – Practice Game

Kid Heading a Soccer Ball

Head / Hands is a game that the kids love that trains heading and awareness. 

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How To Get Players To Use Their Weak Foot

A young player dribbles using both feet

Many years ago, I studied Kung-Fu. My instructor told me, “It’s ok to have a strong side, but not to have a weak side.” I believe this same principle applies to soccer as well.

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Learn From The Pros – Again

A large group of people taking notes during the US Men's National Team training session in Los Angeles

Take a look at the video above from US Soccer.

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Red Light-Green Light – Practice Game

Red-light Green -light is a great game for young players to have fun while practicing dribbling

Red Light-Green Light is a great game to help younger players practice dribbling while having fun at the same time. It also encourages players to keep the ball close to them and under control while dribbling.

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Transition Game Practice

Transition Practice

This practice game helps teams train their attacking, defending, heading, passing, and transition skills.

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One Minute Drill for Goal Keepers

The One Minute Drill is an activity that helps goal keepers improve their reaction speed, conditioning, and general ball catching skills.

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Goal Keeper Scramble

Goal Keeper Scramble

Goal Keeper Scramble is a fun game that helps goal keepers conditioning and helps them train their reaction to balls, aggressiveness, covering of balls.

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Learn How Kicks Spin With This Fun Game

It’s not every day that there is legitimate soccer value in a simple, addicting game, but “Super World Cup Free-Kicks” from Owensworld is one such a game, since it helps players understand the physics of kicking and “spin” on the ball.

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Fish In A Barrel

Fish In A Barrel Practice Game

Fish in a Barrel is a practice game that helps players improve their passing and kicking skills.

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