Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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On Your Own

How You Can Learn By Watching The Pros

Learn by watching

A great way to learn to be a better player is to watch professionals and other more experienced players. 

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How Important Is It To Train On Your Own?

A soccer player trains on his own

Why is it important for players to train on their own outside of practice? Here, US Soccer looks at this need and some of the ways US MNT players accomplished that when they were younger.

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Learn From The Pros – Again

A large group of people taking notes during the US Men's National Team training session in Los Angeles

Take a look at the video above from US Soccer.

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5 Keys To Improving Your Speed and How To Do Them

There is an old adage that “speed kills”. No doubt every soccer coach would benefit from faster players, but how can something like speed that is widely considered a natural gift be coached?

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3 Best Home Exercises You Can Do To Improve Your Speed

How can I train for soccer at home?

What are some exercises I can do at home to help improve my speed?

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How Can I Practice My Defensive Skills?

How Can I Practice My Defensive Skills

I play defender, and I have tryouts next week. Can you give me some drills/tips for my position that I can do without a lot of help or equipment

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Conditioning in 60 Minutes or Less

I want to improve my speed and stamina for soccer. What are some good exercises I can do that will be effective in 60 minutes or less?

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More Ways To Train On My Own?

More Ways To Train on Your Own

I live in Canada, and soccer is not exactly the most popular sport here. As a result, when I’m away from my team, I don’t really have anyone to practice with. What are the best ways to practice on my own?

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How Can I Become More Consistent?

How Can I Become More Consistent

I am 16 years old. How do I become a more consistent soccer player?

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Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing Foosball (table soccer) will help improve hand-eye coordination

Here is a tip that will help your goal keepers:

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