Friday, April 16, 2021
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3 Key Qualities of a Good Defensive Midfielder or “Stopper”

Brazilian Defensive Midfielder, Sandro

Hi Coach, Do you have any tips for being a better defensive midfielder?

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Soccer Player’s Creed

Soccer Player's Creed

The “Soccer Player’s Creed” is a great foundation for setting expectations and rules for a team.

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What Are Jack Wilshere’s 3 Tips On Possession?

Jack Wilshere's 3 Tips On Possession

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How To Perform Well Under Pressure

Perform well under pressure

Picture this: You’re playing in the championship game. The game is tied after extra time and it’s on to penalty kicks. You’re the 5th shooter for your team.

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5 Mental Skills Olympic Athletes Possess

The US Womens' National Team celebrates their Olympic gold medal

To reach the Olympic level in sports, an athlete must certainly be in top physical form. So what mental skills do Olympians need to possess? 

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What Are The Qualities of Champion Athletes?

The World Cup Trophy

Who is your all-time favorite star athlete? Whoever came to mind, I bet you admire them because they have great physical skills and they are thrilling to watch.

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Head / Hands – Practice Game

Kid Heading a Soccer Ball

Head / Hands is a game that the kids love that trains heading and awareness. 

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Learn From The Pros – Again

A large group of people taking notes during the US Men's National Team training session in Los Angeles

Take a look at the video above from US Soccer.

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Top 10 Principals For Mental Training

10 Guiding Principles for Mental Training

Top 10 Guiding Principles for Mental Training by Sean McCann, PhD 1. Mental training can’t replace physical training and talent. We haven’t seen any Olympic athlete who succeeded without doing the physical and technical work, even though we have worked with some of the most mentally talented athletes in the world. The reality is that even an exceptionally talented athlete …

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How Can I Be A Team Leader?

I am playing for my high school team, and my coach said he wants me to “take a leadership role”. Even though I’m one of the best players on my team, I don’t know if I can produce enough to really help my team win.

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