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Diet and Eating

How You Can Eat Healthy During Thanksgiving

Healthy Thanksgiving Eating

Planning your Thanksgiving menu? Here are some tips from Athletic Muscle Building on staying healthy during the feast.

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Bob Bradley’s Off-Season Training Plan

Bob Bradley has been the Head Coach of several college, professional, national teams including the NY/NJ Metro Stars (now known as the New York Red Bulls) and the United States Men's National Team. He is currently the Head Coach of the Egyptian Men's National Team.

If you want to impress your coach when team practices start up again in the fall, you’d better make good use of the summer.

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Iron Deficiency, Anemia, and Athletic Performance

Iron difficiency, anemia, and athletic performance

Anemia is a blood disorder most often caused by lack of iron in the blood. Anemia due to iron deficiency is more common in women. In fact, if you’ve coached girls or women in the United States, you’ve probably coached someone with anemia as rates in women are as high as 12%.

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What Should I Eat Before A Game?

What should I eat before a game, and what else should I do so I can play my best and be focused?

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How Can I Get Stronger For Soccer?

How to get stronger for soccer

I’m a Junior in high school and club season is about to start in a couple months. I’m the captain and starting center back for my team, but I feel as though I’m starting to level off with the competition.

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