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Practice Games

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet Game

The Gauntlet is a game that trains endurance, dribbling, shielding, defensive skills, and 1v1 skills.

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Hot “Ball-tato”

Hot Potato

As you may have guessed from the name, this game is essentially “hot potato” played with a soccer ball. Hot “Ball-tato” (also sometimes known simply as “hot” or “hot soccer”) helps players train passing and receiving balls with pace.

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Snatch is a practice game that trains: passing, receiving, dribbling, shielding, aggressiveness, decision making, and communication.

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Clean Your Yard

  Clean Your Yard is a game that trains kicking and endurance.

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Around the World

Around the World is a game that helps your players train dribbling and ball control skills as well as their mental awareness.

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Practicing on Your Own: Wall Ball 2

Wall Ball is one of the best ways to practice your soccer skills

If you read Wall Ball Part 1 you know that playing against a wall is one of the best ways for soccer players to practice on your own. Now, here is a great program for players of all skill levels:

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Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game

A youth goalie rushes out to make a challenge

One the the problems often encountered when playing small-sided games in practice (particular when using a small-sized goal) is the tendency for one or more players to stay back and “guard” the goal.

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3-Sided Goal Game

A goalie kicks a ball in a fast-paced game

The 3-sided Goal Game trains passing, spacing, movement off the ball, shooting for corners, attacking skills, defending skills, aggressiveness, conditioning, and it is also great practice for goal keepers.

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