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Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing Foosball (table soccer) will help improve hand-eye coordination

Here is a tip that will help your goal keepers:

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What Are The Requirements To Make My High School Team

What Are The Requirements To Make My High School Team?

What requirements are there to make my high school’s varsity team? I would like to know specifics like how many juggles I need to be able to do, how far I need to run, and how fast as well.

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Dots (Beginner)

Dots Practice Game

Dots is a practice game that trains foot-eye coordination and kicking skills. This beginner progression is great for new players, but can also be useful for experienced players looking to practice their form.

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Save on Balance Balls

Save On Balance Balls

Substitute a large sofa cushion for a balance ball. While not quite as effective, it still requires players to use their stabilizer muscles and is an effective substitute.

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To Drill or Not To Drill

Several players taking part in a soccer practice drill

Contrary to the popular opinion, a now defunct site called Soccer Squirrel had an interesting article on the value of drills for teaching soccer skills. In The Squirrel’s words, The dictionary definition for drill is “any strict, methodical, repetitive, or mechanical training, instruction, or exercise: a spelling drill.”

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Rotating Goalie Small Sided Game

A youth goalie rushes out to make a challenge

One the the problems often encountered when playing small-sided games in practice (particular when using a small-sized goal) is the tendency for one or more players to stay back and “guard” the goal.

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Conquering the Myths of Youth Soccer

Conquering the Myths of Youth Soccer

Conquering the Myths of Youth Soccer This past summer I finally found some time to read a few books. One of the books that absolutely thrilled me was a book called Game On by Tom Farrey. This book addresses some of the more pertinent issues facing youth sports today and also offers some ideas for reform. Each chapter has a …

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