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11 Questions With Gina Woodward

11 Questions With Gina Woodward

With the growth of womens’ soccer worldwide, the idea that a young lady today could grow up to become a professional soccer player has become a legitimate possibility. Discover Soccer has been fortunate enough to speak with Bay Area Breeze player, Gina Woodward, who has been able fulfill that dream.

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7 Questions Every Preseason Meeting Must Answer

Jurgen Klinsmann takes time to answer questions

Coaches should always have a preseason meeting with players, assistants, and parents present. A team’s preseason meeting is important for all involved.

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Are Bad Parents Driving Good Coaches Away?

A bad sports parent gets in the face of a referee

As a coach, I have personally seen situations where  parents are undermining and down right hostile toward good coaches. This is not to say this is always the case, and indeed, I’ve seen situations where parents are too supportive of bad coaches. Has the problem of bad parents driving good coaches away become an epidemic?

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Is Your Players’ Motivation Level: Convenient, Compliant, Conditional or Full Commitment?

What is your level of soccer dedication?

Commitment is usually one of the things that successful teams attribute to their success. Lack of commitment is usually one of the things identified in teams that fail.

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Keeper Toss and Save – Practice Game

The Keeper Toss and Save game helps goalkeepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot

The Keeper Toss and Save is a practice game and warm-up that will help goal keepers improve their recovery speed after saving a shot.

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What Are The Qualities of Champion Athletes?

The World Cup Trophy

Who is your all-time favorite star athlete? Whoever came to mind, I bet you admire them because they have great physical skills and they are thrilling to watch.

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How To Keep Players Focused: The Zone of Commitment

The soccer field should be a zone of commitment

One of the qualities that superior athletes have is commitment. However, one challenge that coaches sometimes face is getting that same level of commitment from all of their players – particularly at practices. This is where a zone of commitment can help you.

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How To Get Players To Use Their Weak Foot

A young player dribbles using both feet

Many years ago, I studied Kung-Fu. My instructor told me, “It’s ok to have a strong side, but not to have a weak side.” I believe this same principle applies to soccer as well.

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Involve Me

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand. –Confucius

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How Important is Sleep for Athletic Performance?

The Importance of Sleep for Athletic Performance

It’s easy to say sleep is crucial in the restorative process, but sleep seems to be the first thing to suffer with athletes as they struggle with their need to combine training with other duties like studying or working.

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