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Laser Projected Soccer Pitches

Can You Believe It: Lasers In Soccer?

From the marketing and advertising world comes word that Nike has done it again (sorry adidas). Nike has introduced Lasers to soccer, but this time it’s not a new pair of Nike “Laser” cleats.

No, Nike has made lasers part of the game by using lasers to project futsal fields onto streets so people in Madrid can play pick-up street soccer on regulation pitches.

As PSFK explains,

Using an app, soccer players with nowhere to play in the city could request a visit from the company’s laser-equipped van. The van’s specialised crane would then be raised above an open area of space, before projecting the digital soccer field onto the urban landscape.

Sure there are some drawbacks. Right now the rigging must be manned by Nike employees who bring what is basically A CRANE out to the location to project the pitch, and my guess is that the equipment would be very expensive for someone to purchase.

And of course, Nike’s goal is to sell shoes and apparel, so people interested in using the laser light pitch must go to Nike’s MiPista site and sign-up, but now that the concept has been introduced to the world, it can be developed, made less expensive, easier, and more portable.

Ultimately this makes it easier to involve more people, in more areas, at more times in organized soccer.

(additional hat tips to Complex Art + Design and Creative Guerrilla Marketing)

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