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Basic Shielding

Basic Shielding

Here is a good exercise to help players practice shielding once you’ve taught them the basic technique.

  • Pair players up in any way (skill level and size do not matter for this drill) having each pair stand facing each other about 15 yards apart. All players should have a ball.
  • On coach’s command, players dribble out towards each other.
  • When players near each other, both players should turn and shield the ball with their body as they pass one another (players should essentially be back to back).
  • Once they have passed each other, players should then face the direction they were originally facing and continue dribbling until they are 15 yards apart again.
  • Repeat several times.
  • Beginning players should start with a slower dribble.
  • Have advanced players make a full speed, “explosive” dribble once the players have passed one another.
  • As players progress, have them complete a full 360 degree turn when shielding.
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