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Around the World

Around the World is a game that helps your players train dribbling and ball control skills as well as their mental awareness.

Around the World - Frame 1

Frame 1

Around the World - Frame 2

Frame 2

Around the World Key



  • Set-up several cones in a large circle
  • Give each cone a name (It’s most common to give them country names, hence the name “Around the World”; however at younger ages you might use colors or even simply give them numbers corresponding to the hands on a clock).

      • Have players begin by dribbling inside the circle (Frame 1)
      • Players should dribble all around and through the circle and not simply around the perimeter.
      • At any given time, the coach calls out a designated cone, all players should dribble around the appropriate cone (“Portugal” was called in Frame 2) and return to the circle.


      • Coach calls out multiple cones, and player must dribble around them in order.
          Coaching Points

        • Are players dribbling with their heads up so they don’t collide?
        • Are players keeping their balls close to their feet?
        • Are players aware of which cone is which?

        Make it Competitive

      • Have players race to be the first to touch the cone while in control of their ball.
      • Add another cone in the center of the circle. Last player to dribble around the correct cones and return to the cone in the center must perform a given exercise (for example, 10 push-ups).
      • Same as above except all but first player to reach the cone with their ball does the exercise. Allow players to knock each others’ balls away. This will encourage the players to shield the ball and keep the ball close to them as they are dribbling.
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