Monday, March 1, 2021
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Coach James

Coach James has received training from:

Areas of professional learning include:

  • Dominating the 1v1 Game
  • Developing Better Technical Players for the Youth Game
  • Working with Youth Players on the Importance of First Touch
  • Increasing Your Team's Speed of Play
  • Movement of Two Strikers to Create Goal Scoring Opportunities
  • The Importance of Using Balance and Good Team Shape in Defending
  • Scoring Off Combination Plays
  • Developing Movement to Create Attacking Situations
  • Advanced Technique Training for Young Goalkeepers
  • Finishing In and Around the Penalty Box
  • Improving Ball Mastery in Games
  • Teaching Creativity and How to Use It in Games
  • Using the Correct Tools to Evaluate Your Players
  • Finishing in Small, Tight Spaces
  • Developing Winning Mindsets and Resilence

Memberships include:

  • NSCAA Member
  • Cal South Coaches Association
Coach James is licensed/certified by USSF, NFHS, and AYSO as both a coach and a referee.

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