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5 Keys to Success in Sports
Lional Messi poses with several of his trophies

5 Keys To Success In Sports

Whether soccer is your game or even something else, develop these 5 factors to make yourself more successful:

1. Fundamentals – There is no reason that every player can’t learn to do things the right way. If the coach can teach a kid to perform with proper fundamentals the results will follow. The emphasis here has to be on first, the coach learning the right things to teach, and then, insisting that the kids do it correctly.

2. Focus – Every player can and should think and have their head in the game. Even the player who can’t make a basket all the time can be in the right place all the time.

3. Hustle – Do your best and put out the most effort that you can on every play. Every coach should be working on players to hustle, play hard and put out effort – not on results.

4. Teamwork – This plays into focus as well, but working with your teammates is something that every player can do, control, and excel at.

5. Sportsmanship – There is never any reason to not be a good sport. Lately, I’ve seen far too many players saying “bad game” instead of congratulating the other team on their effort. Character is as important Be a good sport – always!

5 keys excerpted from “The Concept of Perfection” by Ken Kaiserman
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