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4 "L's" Every Coach Should Avoid
Players at practice not falling victim to the 4 "L's"

4 “L’s” Every Coach Should Avoid

The truth is, I’ve been guilty of 3 of these 4 things myself in the past, but one of the easiest ways to become a more successful coach is to remember this simple idea.

Avoid the 4 “L’s”:
  • Laps – There are more effective ways to use limited time. Players will benefit more by using the time to get more touches on the ball, and short, frequent sprints like 10/10s are more effective for conditioning.
  • Lines – Whenever possible, try to avoid drills and exercises that leave players standing in line waiting for their turn. The more touches and the more movement players get, the better.
  • Lectures – If you’re a high school, college, or professional coach, an argument can be made that there are times where lectures can be effective. For younger players and adults playing recreationally, lectures will only lose the players attention. Keep speaking to under 30 seconds.
  • Language – A good coach never uses inappropriate language, especially around children. A good coach doesn’t need to use such language to motivate his players.
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