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3v3v3 Practice Game

3v3v3 (or 4v4v4)

3v3v3 (or 4v4v4)
3v3v3 is a small-sided game, that forces players to think about both attacking and defending at the same time.

  • Use an area of about 1/2 of a normal sized field.
  • Assign 3 teams of 3 players with 2 neutral goal keepers.
  • Game is played as a normal game with no offside.
  • Teams can score in either goal.
  • If ball goes out, coach/server immediately sends a new ball in.
Variations and Progressions
  • Add additional balls.
  • Require players to “clear” ball (a certain distance or a given number of passes) before shooting again after a missed attempt by another team.
  • Periodically combine teams for 6v3 mismatches
  • This game can also be played as 4v4v4
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