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A goalie kicks a ball in a fast-paced game
A goalie kicks a ball in a fast-paced game

3-Sided Goal Game

The 3-sided Goal Game trains passing, spacing, movement off the ball, shooting for corners, attacking skills, defending skills, aggressiveness, conditioning, and it is also great practice for goal keepers. It is one of my absolute favorite practice games and players really enjoy the fast pace and the quick, frequent scoring.

Set-up and Rules
  • Set up a triangular goal of 3 equal sides at midfield.
  • Split players into two teams with one goal keeper who will play for both teams.
  • Players from either team may score on any side of the triangle.
  • To be a goal, the ball must pass completely through the triangle.
    • If the goal keeper recovers the ball in the middle of the goal area, it is not a goal
    • Players will be more likely to shoot for the corners since the goal keeper will have little opportunity to recover a ball that has not been stopped on the initial shot.
  • The goal keeper may enter the triangle to save shots that have not passed completely through the goal area, but may not cut across the goal to save shots from the other side – they must move around the outside.
  • No field players may pass through the goal area at any time.
  • A ball that has scored a goal may be immediately played once it comes out the other side of the goal.
    • This will help keep players from standing around while a shot is coming from the other side.
    • It will also make the goal keeper recover quickly.
    • Finally, it keeps the game moving quickly and allows for more scoring chances.
  • When the goal keeper saves a ball, he should put the ball into play as quickly as possible by sending the ball into open space .
  • Play with 3 teams. This will force more movement to score, but will create far fewer goals.
  • Play with multiple goal keepers.
  • Allow goal keeper to cut across goal.
  • Play with two or more balls.
  • Have teams restart ball from out of bounds after a goal.
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